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Let's talk about my first steps in entrepreneurship

As you might expect from being on this blog, I'm someone who does a lot of things at once. It may seem anecdotal, but it was this energetic nature that allowed me to made my first steps in entrepreneurship.

When I was still a student in my first year of computer science school, I and a great childhood friend started a crazy project: to offer videos on YouTube that would allow anyone to learn computer science while having fun.

Offering computer content in a playful way was new at that time, most people who already offered content did so in a way that was not very educational, and too serious for our taste.

At that time, we made 2 videos each per week, which made a new video for our subscribers on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, every week, all year round.

This project was a small - but no less appreciable - success, I even remember at the time having managed to get my first sponsored partnership. The contract was 100€ ($111 to date) all round, and it was fabulous for me! This was a significant amount of money for a student who was going to spend thirty minutes shooting a video.

400 subscribers later, me and my friend made a mistake that we will regret for a very long time: stopping our videos because of a person from our school - who was jealous to see our videos having a success that he was not able to reproduce - who organized, thanks to his entourage, raids to fill our videos by putting dislikes.

You may think it's a little silly, and you're right, but we were young, and my friend couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't see myself continuing without him a project that started together. I never blamed him, deep down, I didn't want this bad experience to break up our friendship. And besides, with hindsight I have learned a profound lesson: never give up anything you believe in. Success comes with its share of jealous people, you have to deal with it.

Fortunately, a few months later, I reopened the mailbox of our project, which we had created for the occasion, when I read a very interesting email: it was a request from a manager working at Udemy, who had seen my training on Sass (a computer technology), and who wanted to know if I could make one for their platform. Perhaps you have understood it: it all started from the reading of this email!

It's quite incredible when you think about it, every little action you do, like opening an old mailbox, can radically change your next few years, even your life.

But everything was not so obvious to me at the time, I obviously had no idea that this email would be able to do things that I didn't even know existed at the time. I was even rather sceptical.

This scepticism pushed me not to bother, and to post on Udemy a free training that is none other than a training that I had put on YouTube to learn how to create websites. It would only take me a while to send the videos to their platform, and anyway, these videos were going to be deleted from our YouTube channel, so I was going to kill two birds with one stone: test their platform without spending hours creating a training.

The result? Amazing!

People joined my course, I received thank you messages every week, the training was even more popular than on YouTube! I very quickly understood the importance of the platform.

I started from that step to create a training on Sass. This course would be charged, and maybe in the end it would allow me to pay for my gas every month? I swear to you, that was my perspective, and yet, at the time, I was already a very ambitious person.

The first months started, it was difficult, I earned a few tens of euros every month, but the students enrolled in my course were not very happy. It must be said that the course I had given was very masterful and never gave the student time to practice. I felt sorry for these opinions, but thanks to YouTube, I had learned not to feel too sorry for the wrong opinions.

In order to offer a better content to my students, I quickly replaced the training by starting from scratch. The opinions were much more positive, and the results came:  I was approaching forty euros a month, I was very happy! But I felt that something was wrong, I could do even better.

So I then started the first formation of a long list, which will be part of my quality label: the Ultimate Collection.

This training was on PHP and MYSQL, technologies that are the basis of most websites. I had given the maximum of what I could do at the time: all the notions were perfectly explained, exercises and projects led the students to practice what they had just learned, everything was much better than my previous training.

The result was beyond my expectations, it was amazing. The students came in droves. My course ranked best seller in its category (and will never be withdrawn from that title until today) and I would have achieved my goal: to pay for my gas for my car every month with my online courses (and I could in addition, all at once, buy all the books that made eye contact with me).

It was crazy: I could do what I liked, that is, create content to help people learn new things and achieve their goals; and earn money, without really continuing to work on it, even while I was sleeping! In the head of a 20-year-old student, it was unexpected.

From that day on, I have created several training courses, each time with even more effort and new ways of learning. Each of these courses will also rank "best seller" in its category, and will never lose this title. Many will say that all this is due to luck: yes! I totally agree, I was very lucky. I received this email. But luck is not everything, it took courage and motivation to launch your first course, to start again to improve it, and to come up with new ones with always a higher quality than the previous one.

I will not deny it, even the best course in the world, if it encounters hazardous adventures, may never take off. But you have to admit that the more you work on something, the more luck you will attract.

That was my first steps in entrepreneurship. I can speak about all of that for a long time, even write a book, but this is a big resume of how I have made my first steps, and how I have manage with difficulties. I Hope this will encourage some of you not only to believe, but achieve your objectives.

Oct 24, 2019