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My resolutions for the year 2022

A new year begins, and with it my desire to share with you my goals for the next 12 months, while taking stock of my past year.

I think that I won't have time to do these articles in the future, it's just a hunch, let's enjoy it!


Review of the year 2021

Let's make a quick point! Here are my goals from last year:


Doubling the stock market portfolio (successful)

Looking back, I find this goal strange even if I understand why I set it, it was mostly a challenge to myself, as if all this was just a video game.

I am happy to have largely exceeded this goal of 20,000 euros on the value of my stock portfolio. In any case, it's always better to have this cash on the side that grows by itself and that allows me to have a greater financial impact to finance my projects. Money is not an end, it's just a means.


Innovating in areas other than e-learning (failure)

As I expected, I was overwhelmed (or rather I let myself be overwhelmed) by Believemy. I realized how difficult it is to work alone on two projects, with one in a period of strong growth. I have made good progress on a project that I hope to launch soon, Midraz, which will hopefully completely improve the media landscape, that being said I still haven't launched it and I still have a lot of work to do. So I place this goal as a failure.


Discovering new ways of living (failure)

Once again, I must admit that I failed to discover new ways of living. Going to Japan is a dream for me, and I was planning to go there last year. The problem is the presence of the Covid and the total closure of Japan's borders during the whole year for tourism.

Clearly, this is a big disappointment for me. I could have gone to countries that have opened their borders in 2021, but I didn't, because I deeply wished that my first solo trip would be to Japan.

In this sense, I can't say that I succeeded by blaming Covid: I limited myself in my idealism.


Increasing Believemy's turnover (successful & failure)

It is difficult to know if this goal is really a success or a failure: on the one hand Believemy as such has not doubled its turnover over the year, when on the other hand the progression is 367.3% higher than the same period in 2020 over the last three months.

Impressive, without counting the invoices that are pending payment by partners who joined Believemy, and which would thus raise this increase to ... 1382.29 % increase in turnover over the last 3 months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. These figures are accurate and perfectly real. But these last invoices have not yet been paid, so I am not counting them in last year's fiscal year.

The reason for this crazy growth and the failure of this goal (doubling the turnover), comes from the fact that everything I just told you about in terms of numbers represents only the Believemy platform (believemy.com). Last year's revenue included the Believemy platform and the other company where the courses were available.

I've deliberately left it out completely in order to build the future on an oasis for people who want to learn through excellent courses and perfectly thought out tools.

As you can see, the other platform on which I used to put the courses is much less profitable than before because I let it go. I don't count these incomes in the turnover anymore (except for our friend the taxman in France, of course), but the Believemy platform and the transition work that has been done in depth last year has given its fruits: Believemy, alone, is now generating a turnover that has completely replaced the old platform I used to work with and whose progression is crazy (367% increase over the last 3 months if we take a low - but fair - estimate). So it's a failure, but at the same time, it's a perfectly executed transition.


Continue to improve my English (successful)

I now read English books without any problem, even the most complex ones (well, not Shakespeare yet). I'm thinking for example of a book of more than 500 pages explaining the blockchain principle in detail, that I had to read in about 15 hours this summer (I didn't really count, it must have taken me less than a week). Four years ago, it took me 1 hour to read 10 pages.


Objectives for 2021

As so often happens, I was limited to myself, I think we can say that I was my own limiter on the year 2021 :

  • Forcing myself to reduce Believemy's turnover to make a transition that was long and difficult on its own platform ;
  • Letting myself say that I wanted my first trip to be to Japan when I could have quite easily visited other countries and thus prepared even better my coming to the land of the rising sun ;
  • Forsaking what I've been obsessing about all day long for years, Midraz, to make Believemy move forward.

Failures are part of the path and the process of success, we must learn from them.

Based on these lessons, here are my goals for the year 2022.


Double (again) my stock portfolio

The more time passes, the more I see how money is a never-ending race for most people: they always want more. I don't see money as an end, I see money for what it allows me to do: fund my ideas.

In this context, doubling the value of my portfolio on the stock market is a goal I want to reach once again. The more money my shares are worth, the more power I can give to my projects.

I know that, at some point, more money does not correlate with more happiness. What makes me happy is to be useful thanks to my projects.


Innovating in areas other than e-learning

This year, this is my primary goal. No matter what happens, if I lose everything, if nothing works anymore - except my first baby, Believemy -, my goal is to innovate in other fields than e-learning.

For this, I have learned that I have to be careful with my schedule and especially with my thoughts. Fear, stress, getting out of my confidence zone (the e-learning field doesn't scare me anymore, the media field is one I don't master). These emotions cloud my mind and prevent me from daring to free up 30 to 40 hours a week for my other projects.

I don't blame myself, I'm only human. Discipline is the key.


Discovering new ways of living

No matter whether Japan opens its borders or not, it will no longer be an excuse. I would travel to other countries. I know I will.


Continue to improve my English

I set this goal for myself every year, and I've met it successfully every time, but I think it's time now to start making sure that I express myself publicly in English, on my projects, on the networks, on the internet in general and with other people. That's my side goal this year: speaking in English on video.


Increase Believemy's turnover by 50%

I have not set as strong a growth target for Believemy in 2022 as I did for 2021, I know that a very large growth target could deteriorate the qualities of what Believemy offers and that this could lead me to make bad decisions. I also don't want to set a very big growth target that could make me work less on my other project, Midraz.

Believemy is on a nice growth path and my goal is not so much in terms of turnover (it still is a little bit, because more profits will allow me to pay a full time team to make the platform grow). The goal is mainly to welcome more and more people, to increase the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) as well as the customer satisfaction.

It's time for the French-speaking world to know that Believemy is an oasis, and that they find the way to get there.



As you may have noticed, I have learned from my mistakes and like every year, an unsuccessful goal is a lesson I learn and a goal I repeat the year after.

I have a feeling that 2022 is going to be different. I don't really know why, I just feel something different.

I wish you all a great 2022!

Jan 01, 2022