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Welcome to my blog: why did I create one?

For a long time, when you went to this address, you could find a portfolio. My, portfolio.

For a long time, I loved this portfolio, putting all my projects on it. I updated it for years, improving its design and the presentation of my projects. But, over time, something bothered me...

You know, I love reading. And like many people who read, I love talking about a book that amazed me. I couldn't do it on my portfolio, because I was only putting my projects and skills into it. It was a site that allowed me to get contracts with customers.

I didn't see myself opening a facebook page to talk about it either, as I was always suspicious of social networks. And opening a blog on a site that allows you to do so, did not delight me, because all are based on one and only one thing: popularity.

The biggest blogs hide the smallest ones. In other words, I didn't want to write my articles in the wind, because anyway, these platforms - in my opinion - only highlight those that have already been in place for years, or that have had a strong community.

The idea of one day opening a blog that I would have coded myself came to mind. But yet, due to lack of time, I had never taken the plunge. A decisive element will put a starting point to the work of the blog you are currently on: I no longer felt as good as before when I went to my portfolio.

Yes, it was full of projects that I had done, certainly, but in recent years, I no longer had time to accept any contract, I was already busy developing my own projects, two in particular: Believemy and Midraz, and my mission as a consultant for OpenClassrooms took me the little time I was able to free myself. My portfolio was therefore becoming more and more useless, old, and outdated.

It is therefore with enthusiasm that on October 19, 2019, I began the creation of this blog.

On this blog, I will speak in English. Perhaps some of you will see (or already know) that I am French. So why write in English?

The answer is simple: I love English, I want to improve in this language that I find perfect for exchanging with people from all over the world. Everyone - or almost everyone - speaks English, so why deprive yourself of a blog written in a language that everyone can understand?

I hope you will enjoy my articles, based on my observations and other entrepreneurial adventures.

Oct 21, 2019